Stone Farms Escondido

Stone is one of the biggest breweries in San Diego. Just a few minutes away from their primary bistro and gardens location is a small farm where they have some beers to taste and some interesting outdoor areas where you can enjoy your beer. Unlike the bistro that houses a bunch of taps, the farms have a small selection of Stone beers.

Stone farms tap list.

Stone farms tap list.

Stone farms outdoor seating.

Stone farms outdoor seating.

I was going on to other breweries after and had already tried most of the beers available so I ordered a pint of the Lavender Pale Ale. The lavender gave it a nice flavor and went well with the traditional Stone Pale Ale. My husband had a glass of the Russian Imperial Stout with Espresso, one of his favorites. Stone also offers growler fills from this location if you don’t want to fight the crowds at the bistro.

Lavender pale ale.

Lavender pale ale.


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  1. The Lavender Pale Ale sounds intriguing. I love lavender in a lot of things, but I never expected to see it in a beer. I wish we had some near here…

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